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What Are ModBars

ModBars are nutritious, filling snack bars that cater to people with dietary restrictions. Whether you follow a high-protein, lactose-free, or vegan diet, we’ve got you covered. While we currently hold only six flavors, we will soon introduce complete customization to satisfy all diets and desires.

Our Story

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Mind blowing. The idea is amazing and the bars are even better.

Helen C.

"Good price"

It was a good price and tasted as good if not better than the name-brand bars you would see in stores. The flavor seemed more on par with what was advertised than other brands.

Luke P.

"Very filling"

I liked the protein bars the best for their texture in particular, but all the bars were very filling so it felt very worthwhile.

Robert S.

"I was in nirvana"

I would always experience a ModBar after a cold and dreadful swim practice that would extinguish my energy and make me hollow on the inside. After briefly basking in the ephemeral relief of a quick five minutes in the hot and steamy shower, I would feel my soul replenish as I would grab a ModBar out of my bag. The euphoria that encased my mortal coil as I ate the divine granola was liberating. Not only was my energy restored, it was lifted into a new stratosphere. My soul leapt and unbounded from my ecstatic body. I was in nirvana, Valhalla and heaven every time I would eat a ModBar...

Trent S.


Tasty, satisfying, healthy, and addictive.

Andreea S.

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