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What are ModBars?

  • ModBars are affordable, nutritious, filling snack bars that cater to people with dietary restrictions. Whether you follow a high-protein, nut-free, or vegan diet, we’ve got you covered. While we currently hold only six flavors, we will soon introduce complete customization to satisfy all diets and desires.

What type of allergies do you cover?

  • We currently have nut-free, vegan, and dairy free capabilities. We are working towards gluten-free flavors.

When was ModBars created?

  • We first formed in 2016 and officially became an LLC in March of 2017.

Where and how are ModBars made?

  • We manufacture our bars at Tastemakers, a commercially licensed shared kitchen out of Washington, D.C. Every bar is baked and packaged by the founders. 

Who owns ModBars?

  • Founded at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, MD, ModBars was created by students, for students. We are now spread across the east coast at various universities. Our founders are Jeff Su (CEO), Max Levine (COO), Nate Stevens (CFO), Wyatt Talcott (CMO), and Joseph Oleynik (CTO).

How do I get my own ModBars?

  • Currently, we sell our bars online, and in person at University of Maryland, College Park, Virginia Tech, and Washington University in St. Louis. Additionally, we have had small runs of product sold inside of local community stores. 

Why us over them?

  • We offer the premium features and ingredients of expensive brands, but at a more affordable price. Additionally, in comparison to companies such as “a man climbing the edge of a mountain bar” and “a really friendly bar”, ModBars contain higher amounts of protein and fiber, and lower amounts of sugar.

What’s that? You don’t follow our Instagram? 

  • Do it, you won’t.