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What are ModBars?

  • Filling, nutritious, and affordable snack bars that cater to active individuals. We offer a wide range of flavors, from protein to trail mix to energy. 

What allergies do you cover?

  • Nut Free: Viking Whey, Milky Whey, javaStrip, Gold Rush
  • Vegan: javaStrip
  • Dairy Free: javaStrip
  • Other: we are working toward introducing a gluten-free flavor.

When was ModBars created?

  • We first formed in 2016 and officially became an LLC in March of 2017.

Where are ModBars made?

  • We manufacture our bars at Tastemakers, a commercially licensed shared kitchen out of Washington, D.C. Every bar is baked and packaged by the founders. 

How do I get my own ModBars?

  • Online: we offer free delivery to certain areas in the DMV and ship nationwide.
  • Retail: we sell at Derwood Farmers Market (Saturdays 9am-1pm), Seven Locks Swim & Tennis Club, Bannockburn Swimming Club, Little Falls Swimming Club, and Mill Creek Towne Swim Associates.

Why us over them?

  • We offer the premium features and ingredients of expensive brands, but at a more affordable price. In comparison to companies such as “a man climbing the edge of a mountain bar” and “a really friendly bar”, ModBars contain higher amounts of protein and fiber and lower amounts of sugar.

How can I stay up-to-date on all things ModBars?

  • Social Media: we post regularly on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (@modbars).
  • Newsletter: subscribe below.