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Five Maryland Students with One Mission

To help active individuals build a healthy foundation and sustainable relationship with food.

Jeff Su
Chief Executive Officer
“As a competitive swimmer practicing nearly 16 hours a week, I was always tired and hungry. For most of high school, I didn’t really care what I was putting in my body. I started taking nutrition more seriously my senior year to excel better in my swimming career. However, with my severe tree nut allergy it was harder for me to find that nutritious protein bar that still tasted yummy.”
Wyatt Talcott
Chief Marketing Officer
Max Levine
Chief Operating Officer
“Only five percent of Americans get enough fiber, and I sure as hell wasn’t one of them. I wanted a bar that kept me feeling full until my next meal.”
Nate Stevens
Chief Financial Officer
Joseph Oleynik
Chief Technology Officer
“Another problem I found was that most bars gave me a sugar crash. As someone who was always juggling multiple tasks, I needed a snack that gave me sustained energy, without all of the ingredients I couldn’t pronounce.”